^(C) RMN-Grand Palais (domaine de Compiègne) / Daniel Arnaudet

Individuals or families



- Give access to permanent collections and temporary exhibitions
- Including the audio guide for the Grands Appartements (main apartments)

    Temporary exhibition times

Full price

7,50 €

9,50 €

Concessionary price

5,50 €

7,50 €

Free entry is offered to all those under the age of 26 years, members of the Sociétés d'amis des musées nationaux du Château de Compiègne (companies friends of the national museums of the palace of Compiègne), and the 1st Sunday of every month for all visitors.



Visits with the speakers from the national museums

Extra charge in addition to entry fee



(Full price)



(Concessionary price)



(Full price)

Visitors paying both the entry fee and the fee for a guided tour benefit from only paying the concessionary price for their entry fee.


Paired tickets

Château de Compiègne et Musée franco-américain du Château de Blérancourt
Château de Compiègne et Musée franco-américain du Château de Blérancourt
© RMN-GP (Château de Compiègne) / Marc Poirier
© RMN-GP (Musée franco-américain du Château de Blérancourt) / Gérard Blot


Les musées nationaux du château de Compiègne and le Musée franco-américain du Château de Blérancourt :

- Paired tickets: €10 (+€2 during exhibition periods).
- On sale at both sites and valid for 30 days.



The Château de Compiègne provides a range of tools for you to discover the collections under optimum conditions.

The Château de Compiègne helps you explore the museums independently. Several visitor resources are available.


The audio guide fee for all visitors exempt from paying the entry fee is fixed at €1

For adults in six languages:
ag_francais_reduit_50.jpg ag_royaume-uni_reduit_50.jpg ag_allemand_reduit_50.jpg ag_japon_reduit_50.jpg ag_chinois_reduit_50.jpg ag_nl_reduit_50.jpg

Audio guides for adults

Multilingual audio-guided tours are available at the Château reception desk.

Duration : 1h

The content of the audio-guided tour can be downloaded free of charge in MP3 format from the website www.audiovisit.com.

Two visitor circuits:

  • Royal and Imperial Apartments: a veritable cultural journey accompanied by an informative commentary and analysis of the Emperor’s and Empress’ Apartments. (In French, English, German, Japanese)
  • National Museum of the Vehicle: Travel through the history of locomotion with 20 must-see works in the Museum of the Vehicle (in French, English)

Room information sheets

Educational sheets in French and English are available in all rooms in the Emperor’s and Empress’ Apartments; they provide the keys to understanding the role of each room in the residence, the major historical episodes to which they are linked, and the artists who worked on their décor and furniture.


Advance purchase of tickets

Option to purchase entry ticketsin advance

Tickets are valid for two years from the date of purchase.