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You too can be part of the history of the Château de Compiègne!


The Château de Compiègne, a royal and imperial residence, is the largest French neo-classical château. A witness to history, the château’s centuries-old walls contain one of the finest collections of 18th-century furniture and decorative arts from the First and Second Empires. The château brings enthusiasts together, thus ensuring the continued transmission of its heritage to future generations.

Thanks to your generosity, you are contributing to safeguarding a major heritage site.

Individuals and companies, support the château’s restoration projects, acquisitions and exhibitions.

Through activities such as the patronage partnerships, lectures, travel, publications and help with exhibitions, the Associations of Friends provide a valuable contribution to the life of the museums. The national museums of the Château de Compiègne have given rise to a number of associations, all of which contribute to the promotion and restoration of the collections.


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