Château de Compiègne / M. Poirier

The historic apartments

The Château de Compiègne comprises four main apartments (the apartments of the Emperor, the Empress, the King of Rome and the prince’s ‘double’ apartment) which bear testament to its occupation at the end of the 18th century during the time of the Second Empire.


Rebuilt under Louis XV and extended under Louis XVI, the castle has a triangular-shape design. As well as overlooking the town, it also looks out onto the forest and the park in between, designed during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. The apartments of the monarchs Louis XV and Napoleon III are found on the first floor and enjoy direct access to the terrace.

The historic apartments comprise the apartment of the Emperor, the Empress, the King of Rome and finally the prince’s ‘double’ apartment, built during the First Empire to welcome a royal couple.

The apartments of the Emperor and the Empress bear testament to the occupation of this castle which became an imperial palace from the end of the 18th century up until the fall of the Second Empire. Its principal rooms include the Salle des Gardes (Guardroom) from the 18th century, the Chambers of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Empress Marie-Louise from the First Empire, and the Salon de Thé (Tea Room) of the empress Eugenie from the Second Empire.

Each of these rooms has been refurnished in line with the conditions for reconstruction outlined in historical records compiled in Compiègne after the Second World War. The decision was made to return each of the rooms to how they were during one of the three periods (18th century, the First Empire and the Second Empire), which was decided based on the number of pieces of furniture and artworks belonging in that room featured in the museum’s collection with the aim of providing authenticity.

Vue de l'ancienne chambre de la reine Marie-Antoinette telle qu'elle était aménagée vers 1860
View of the former room of Queen Marie-Antoinette as it was arranged around 1860
© Château de Compiègne / DR
La chambre de l'appartement du Roi de Rome, ancienne chambre de Marie-Antoinette, restituée aujourd'hui dans son état Premier Empire
The room of the King of Rome’s apartment, former room of Marie-Antoinette, restored today in her First Empire state
© Château de Compiègne / DR